"Mobile first communications within the workforce lead to significant productivity gains."

    On the flipside, workplaces with inconsistent mobile messaging policy and tools limit productivity gains and open the door to privacy, compliance and security risks.

    Productivity gains delivered by mobile first communication platforms are huge, but they should be made available to employees without compromising the enterprise IT environment whether its security, compliance or reliability.”  “If the enterprise fails to do this, employees will turn to consumer grade apps that will limit productivity gains and put sensitive business information out in the public domain.

    Enable your employees



    Employees rely heavily on their smartphones and messaging for business communications with most of them using smartphones several times a day for work purposes


    Mobile first is key for user adoption with the majority of respondents showing a strong preference for mobile first applications


    Mobile messaging is the preferred way to communicate among millennials, but this trend is extending to all age groups

    Secure communication

    Add a great slogan.


    Security, compliance and productivity are key priorities for IT decision makers when it comes to business communications


    Most of IT decision makers consider it very important that their messaging tools be optimised for mobile specific working

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