Combient Foundry application 2021

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1. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 1 6/2/2021 Digital Advisory Group +41 79 374 04 23 Lehenstrasse 72, 8037 Zürich, Schweiz Combient Foundry Venture Client Circle Application

6. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 6 6/2/2021 The DAG Digital Business Platform at a glance Service Deployment Business Integration (Micro Services) Pricing, accounting, reporting Marketing & Analytics Digital Business Platform (Business Infrastructure)

3. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 3 6/2/2021 Company Milestones 2019 2017 Company Foundation 2018 Establishing business Company & product development Company relaunch 2020 2021 Financial backup Sales cooperation Technology Partnerships Service rollout First customers

11. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 11 6/2/2021 Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) is our business model. Example: Mobile First communication (“Midar”) for Federal Office of Information Technology FOITT/BIT Customer solution (SaaS) Service consumption Odoo Enterprise Edition Service provision (SLA) Odoo Software Usage fees Partnership fees Software Development Partners Usage fees (Subscriptions) CandidRoot, India others Software Charges Odoo Enterprise Edition will be replaced in 2021

7. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 7 6/2/2021 It works. Here are our available SaaS products Generates revenues Our flagship product is called “Midar” (“change” in Romansh ). This social media app supports Swiss Federal Office of Information Technology implementing their agile (matrix) organization. 10 weeks from contract signature to rollout, including apps for 2.500 employees. More information can be found here . Our image recognition is used in all of our services. For specific use or just for fun. Test it here . From driver subscriptions to financial closure and reporting: a complete classic cars event management based on our platform and integrated Microservices. 6 weeks from contract signatures to first sales. Learn more about here

12. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 12 6/2/2021 Our financial figures and projections (CHF) • Detail figures / assumptions available • Figures 2021/2022 based on signed contracts (annually renewing) • Figures 2022 / 2023 based on expected revenues of sales partner (incentivized) • Financial figures / business model approved by BG - OST Security Collateral Co - operative Society - > business loan at preferential terms

2. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 2 6/2/2021 Harry Stehrenberger, Business Strategy Advisor International top - notch manager and investor Digital Advisory Group Dani Fricker, Founder & CEO Certified Banking Expert Business Information Technology BSc Greta Schauss, Sales & Marketing MBA Humbold University, Berlin Christina Birrer Accounting Business Economist Ermin Trevisan CIO lic. oec. publ DAG Core Team Partnerships / Extended (virtual) Team Software development Sales Operations

4. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 4 6/2/2021 • Digitalization and technical innovation constantly drive ever increasing demand on software and digital services; • In highly dynamic digital markets, tailored offerings must be created in near time; • Time - to - market kpi for digital products is days or weeks , not months or years; • Digital markets need agile software solutions, implemented in no time, at low cost and risk , in order to create and scale new products cost - effectively; It’s all about speed

8. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 8 6/2/2021 “[...] we are looking to connect with our customers and equipment users through new digital channels.” The idea of our proposed solution is to “transform” individual gardeners to a member of a community of likeminded people. The se people love and experience the beauty of nature in their own garden, and they want to share this experience with others and t o learn from them. Our solution is based on an extended version of the “Midar” social media app (described above). This app is designed to let employees interact digitally and to provide them with social media facilities. A perfect starting point for the Digital Garde ner Community. Community and digital interaction • Its very easy to become a Digital Gardener Community member – just download the Midar app; • Once the app is downloaded, Digital Gardeners can use communication channels to chat with other community members (individuals or groups); • They can create and share content such as pictures, videos, or other documents. Others can comment or rate this content; • They can reach out to others to raise questions or to gain respect for activities an achievements (Gamification); • They can share content with other Social Media platforms like Insta, Facebook, Twitter, ... ; • Husqvarna can provide community members with professional advise and relevant information via direct channel (Campaigns); • Community members can use Husqvarna’s professional and commercial offerings on the mobile phone ; Opportunity: The Digital Gardener (1/2)

9. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 9 6/2/2021 A very innovative way to provide extended digital services to the community is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We use Googles Vision AI Microservice to provide image analysis to our customers. This feature allows to upload a snapshot of an object ( e.g. a plant or a tool) from the mobile phone . The picture is analysed and recognized ( e.g. “hybrid tea rose”, “Husqvarna lawn mower”). This information is sent to our platform and connected with our product database. The feature allows Digital Gardeners to get advised about preferred fertiliser , to instantaneously identify an unknown (and potentially harmful) bug, or to report a damaged lawn mower while checking availability and price of the required spare part. And much mo re, of course. More information about the power of Vision AI can be found here . AI / ML based commercial interaction • Objects such as plants or tools can be analyzed and recognized by the mobile app. It’s both useful and fun; • Plants can be categorized by species, quality, potential price. Information can be shared with community; • Digital Gardeners can be advised about best products for maintenance of a specific plant or similar; • Tool damages can be recognized. Spare parts can be offered and sold seamlessly; Opportunity: The Digital Gardener (2/2)

10. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 10 6/2/2021 The Digital Gardener Platform Starting point: snapshot of the object of interest. Mobile phone recognizes • Plants ( e.g. hybrid tea roses) • Tools ( e.g. Husqvarna lawn mower) • ... Mobile phone sends object data to product database for commercial processing. Available product information is extended by additional / external databases, e.g. Wikipedia, Husqvarna product database, ... Husqvarna community blog Community and campaign management: link to community Internal product database: commercial link Husqvarna product database Digital community interactions DAG Digital Business Platform DAG Social Media (Midar) DAG image recognition (Vision)

5. Copyright (c) 2021 Digital Advisory Group. All rights reserved 5 6/2/2021 Ingredient #1: We build on platform. • Our Cloud based Digital Business Platform is the starting point for our services. The platform comes as a commercial infrastructure for our customer solutions; • The platform provides functionalities such as web portal, accounting, reporting, and much more; • Thus, we kickstart our solution development on top of a fully fledged business infrastructure; Ingredient #2: We use Microservices. • Microservices are extremely powerful software components which bring significant value and increased attraction to software solutions; • A suitable Microservice for almost every specific requirement can be found in the internet. • Our job is to identify the right microservice and integrate it into our platform, rather than building software from scratch. Once we have the right Microservice in place, we build state - of - the - art services with full commercial integration in no time; Ingredient #3: We maintain know - how. • That all sounds easy, but it’s not. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge, combined with an unconventional view on software development. We are good at this; • However, we don’t know everything. That’s why we intensively maintain relationships with the international community of software developers . It assures near - time access to very specific know - how if required; Our ingredients to take on the challenge


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